We need a global condemnation of the killing of Yama Siawash just as we had for Jamal Khashoggi, both journalists murdered for telling and exposing the truth and lies of their governments.

  Freedom of press is claimed to be one of the greatest achievements of the post-Bonn American installed governments in Afghanistan. This freedom has been insidiously impeded by Ashraf Ghani's government with dictatorial movements and conspiracies. However, “Freedom of expression is a universal human right. It is not the prerogative of the politician. Nor is it the privilege of the journalist. In their day-to-day work, journalists are simply exercising every citizen’s right to free speech.

 A free press is fundamental to a democratic society. It seeks out and circulates news, information, ideas, comment and opinion and holds those in authority to account.”(1) Mr. Ghani, through his regime's intelligence assassinate journalists who raise their voice and inform the people of Afghanistan about the government’s injustice, exercising inequality, discrimination and comments on its  incompetency. Particularly, the life of those journalists is at risk who tend to be critical of the government in relation to insecurity, unemployment, corruption, nepotism, and exposing its secret deals with terrorist groups  such as Taliban, Hagani gang, and ISIS.  

 Recently, Yama Siawash, a multi-skilled, talented, courageous, and educated young journalist, former news presenter and interviewer of Tolo News was mysteriously killed by a car bomb with another bank employee, Ahmadullah Anas, along with their driver Mohammad Amin. Siawash had a bachelor's degree in law and did MA in political science. He spent almost a decade working as a journalist in Afghanistan and was one of Tolo TV's most prominent presenters before starting work as a public relations adviser for the Central Bank of Afghanistan. Pictures on social media show the car engulfed in flames after the attack. No group has officially claimed the responsibility.

 He was an outspoken and astute journalist to bring out the main cause of the ongoing problem in the country. His charismatic and energetic attitude enabled him to meticulously pinpoint the shortcomings of the government, and to inform the youth, to raise their voices to attract the world public attention on what is taking place in Afghanistan. He was revealing the real cause of corruption in the government hierarchy, the reason of daily insecurity escalation and expansion, and the unbridled spread of nepotism and prejudice. He was also exposing the inability of the government to prevent corruption and revealing Ashraf Ghani’s tribal inclination to the terrorist groups. Thus, he was cowardly targeted and explicably exterminated. His assassination based on undeniable evidence was organized and carried out by the authority which caused a great deal of controversy and uproar inside and outside the country.

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia authorities was perpetrated to keep eliminate his voice of opposition to the Saudi Regime. When that was done it caused an uproar all around the around, condemnations came to Saudi government from all corners of the globe. Similarly Yama Siawash was murdered to take out his voice of opposition to the Ashraf Ghani’s  regime, a crime planned and perpetrated by Afghan government who wants to disown, destroy all voices of opposition to pave the way to bring in the Taliban and slowly hand over the government under control of Pakistan.

 We also need a global condemnation of the killing of Yama Siawash just as we had for Jamal Khashoggi, both journalists murdered for telling and exposing the truth and lies of their governments.

·         The government of Afghanistan is being implicated in this assassination plot based on sufficient evidence of how Yama Siawash  was treated and what happened to him, right after he conducted an interview with Gulab Mangal, the then  Minister for Tribal and Ethnicity Affairs regarding a ‘deal’ he signed with the elderly people in Baghlan province.  Taliban raised their flag of Islamic Emirate as a symbol of autonomy in the area under their control. In the interview, Yama Siawash  asked Gulab Mangal to elaborate on why he dealt with Taliban and acceded to hand over a large portion of the  area in Baghlan province to the Taliban,  demonstrating  that he was involved in that collusion to  surrender the area to the terrorists. Why because of that agreement, Taliban raised their flag of Islamic Emirate in that area.

·         He asked him if he accepted the responsibility for the consequences of that offer. Gulab Mangal disputed irately with Yama to exculpate himself from charges of handing over the area to the Taliban. The next day Ashraf Ghani forced Tolo TV to sack Yama Siawash immediately from his job where he worked for a decade. He was not physically eliminated at that time because everyone would know the perpetrator.


Let us read what Mr. Khan Agha Saeed, the maternal uncle of Yama Siawash says:

·         Siawash had recently begun working with Afghanistan Bank. The Bank’s vehicle arrived at Macraroyan -4 in Kabul, at 7.40 a.m. on Saturday the 7th of November 2020 (17 Aqrab 1399 H.S.) to pick him up to his office. An eyewitness, Mohammad Rafi, said Siawash’s father and brother first arrived at the site where the vehicle was engulfed in flames. (2)

“The Afghanistan Bank vehicles are constantly monitored by CCTV or video Surveillance cameras, installed on Ashraf Ghani’s citadel high cement walls. At 7.40 am, my nephew sat in the car to go to work. How and why such an accident happened? No one knows except the government of Ashraf Ghani and its intelligence sources.

At night, the subject car was parked under strict surveillance by CCTV cameras (one of the latest security digital video recorders) in Afghanistan Bank parking lot, next to Ashraf Ghani Citadel, being constantly safeguarded by high cement walls. The vehicle which was carrying Yama Siawash was a government vehicle. It was always watched and controlled by the CCTV security cameras of the Central Bank of Afghanistan; So why have Ashraf Ghani's security officials so far kept silent, concealed the security camera films? Why they did not disclose and reported the film recorded by the CCTV cameras?

 The government itself is involved in stifling the freedom of expression and in suffocating those with a free thought. Yama Siawash was considered as a thorn in the eyes of the authority because of his disclosures when he was speaking on ToloTV. Therefore, the government manipulated and physically destroyed him.  The question is, how did they know whether Yama Siawash was in the car or not?  Obviously, the government had already assigned someone to watch and to make sure that he was in the subject car before detonating it by pressing the remote-control button.

This crime was rooted in Yama Siawash's disclosures of corruption in the government when he was the active speaker and operator of the political roundtables on Tolo TV. During that time, his assassination plot was not carried out rapidly. It was delayed for sometimes obliterating the killer’s identity. Ultimately at this time Ghani’s government intelligence service engineered a scenario and carried out Yama’s death plot.

Another evidence that brings the clues is that the government announced immediately and accurately the death news of Yama Siawash, just four minutes after the car explosion, which is extremely surprising.

Apparently, a group of intelligence operatives were tasked to be vigilant to monitor the situation. It is evident that a large intelligence network was tasked with launching the program. Meanwhile, an intelligence officer was commissioned to carry out the explosion plan at the last minute by pushing of a remote-control button. According to government sources, Yama Siawash was assassinated by RDX. This material is not homemade, and it is only used by military. It weighed two kilos and was placed close to the tank of his car, according to the security sources.

Following the martyrdom of Yama Siavash, the government of Ashraf Ghani has fabricated false myths and blames Ubaida Karwan associated with Taliban for his assassination.

To trace some of the main clues, it is worth to pay attention to the writing of Daoud Siawash, Yama’s father, in "Armaghan Mili" an independent paper. He wrote in a part of his article:

"Following this heinous crime, the leaders of the regime offered their condolences to the family of the martyr (Yama) and promised to punish the perpetrators of this incident as soon as possible. They issued a statement to everyone, to the rich and the poor, to every individual from A to Z in the media. The government blew the trumpet through mass media to all people around the world, including the governor, the carrier, the worker, and the leader, boasting what they would do in this case. Finally, with their nonsense, demagogue, paternal advice, patronising sermons, and direction at the six-and-a-half-morning meetings they have brought the myth of Yama Siawash's death to end.

Expressing  deep condolences to the young journalist's family, it is important to inform the people of the world  to prevent the vampire Ashraf Ghan’s Government  from  killing our youth, the way which ruthlessly murdered Yama Siawash who was a symbol of freedom of speech.

Therefore, the perpetrators of the incident should not be covered up; the government of Ashraf Ghani is responsible for this tragic incident.

We curse this puppet regime vehemently for shedding the blood of our youth in an orchestrated conspiracy. Ashraf Ghani in collaboration with the criminals released recently from prisons  in the name of peace talk in Doha , commits crime every day by killing thousands of our people, including students, soldiers, and youth because of jealousy, prejudice, resentment and tendency to the criminal Taliban.

We call to the international community, at the head the United States Administration, to stop supporting the miscreant government of Ashraf Ghani. The hands of this regime are stained with blood of thousands of our innocent country men and women.

Continual support of this mischievous government will further turn into corrupt government and leads to the inhumane acts of killing and slaughtering our compatriots, especially our talented and educated youths.

We call to the world community, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, USA administration and its NATO allies, not just to stay as spectators, and support the government of Ashraf Ghani which acts as a terror state. The corrupt and barbaric government of Ashraf Ghani practically demonstrated times and again that it does believe in democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and expression, logical criticism, and respect of human rights. It acts in complete violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, killing innocent people in collaboration with Taliban because of his tribal affiliation.

Ashraf Ghani's brutal plot for assassination of Yama Siavash indicates an evident enmity with freedom of expression. It is a strong evidence of impeding the progress of journalism, freedom of expression and opinion, an act against humanity in Afghanistan.

Yama Siavash was a worthy speaker and loyal son of Afghanistan. He will always be alive in the hearts of his people. But the terrorist government of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai will be cursed in the history for ever.”

No. 260 / Monday 26 Agrab 1399/16 November 2020- Daoud Siawash, Late Yama Siawash’s father wrote:

His absence (Yama Siawash) is not only a loss for his people in Afghanistan but also a loss for humanity.

Stated by: Dr. Aparna Serio Stava, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Nevada International University.

Employment of Yama Siawash in Afghanistan Bank, the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

Background Information on Yama Siawash employment in, the Central Bank of Afghanistan or Afghanistan Bank.

However, Siawash was contacted by the head of the Bank, Mr Ahmadi. “He is a Lebanese and is Ashraf Ghani’s brother in law, report says in Kabul” “Mr. Ahmadi has been appointed as Acting Director of Afghanistan Bank based on presidential decree 544 on 3rd June 2020. He contacted Yama Siawash, many times to join and work with the Central Bank. But Yama did not show interest. After the central bank spokesman was appointed at another job, based on his recommendation the head of the bank wanted Yama Siawash to take up that position.  Yama Siawash did not agree to the post because he had repeatedly criticized the government's actions in the past. Therefore, the head of the bank wanted to appoint him as a bank advisor.  He initially did not accept the position of advisor, because he did a degree in political science. Nonetheless, due to the insistence of the head of the bank, he agreed to that position. A few weeks after taking office, he was mysteriously killed in a bomb blast in a government car, used by the Bank of Afghanistan. There are numerous questions and ambiguities about the incident that we, the family, have about this mysterious murder of Yama Siawash being mentioned as follows:

1- The killer who installed  somehow the  explosive in the car must be found through (GPS) of the car, security cameras of the bank, space balloon above the presidential palace and surveillance cameras on road sides and at crossroads of the bank to Makraroyan  4,  until then, our finger will not be pointed to blame  anyone.

2. If the relevant authorities are not willing to cooperate in finding the killer, according to the provisions of the law, hiding identity of the murderer ,  is himself the killer, who will be the party respondent to our claim.

 3. Since the examination of the evidence in the case of Yama Siawash requires professional understanding, therefore  if the cameras are tampered with, we reserve the right to request a neutral technical criminal fact- finding   delegation from the United Nations to investigate the matter independently for our satisfaction.

 4- We want the government to identify, and arrest the murderer of Yama Siawash as soon as possible, and to bring him to justice in a fair trial, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

 5. Any kind of judgements on Facebook and other social media is premature until the documents regarding the murder of Yama Siawash are examined and clarified based on facts.

 6- The silence and indifference of the bank and the government for a week after the death of Yama Siawash and in some cases the justifiable prejudgement of the government raised questions for us. In this regard, we call on the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan to put pressure on the Government of Afghanistan to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the killings as soon as possible.

7- If the government wants to put the case of Yama Siawash death in the archive, as many cases were put  in the last twenty years, we reserve the right to file a complaint to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

 8- We have a serious question why and how Yama Siawash was killed in such a complex and tragic formula.  However, he did not work in any high government position, he was not a member of any political party. He was just living in the environs like other ordinary citizens without fear and threat.  And sadly, he attracted attention and killed, and the government acts cold-bloodedly in relation to this catastrophe.

 9- For me, Mohammad Daoud Siawash, the father of Yama Siawash, as the heir of the right of the martyr, the identification of the murderer and bringing him to trial and justice has high priority. If I cannot defend my son's blood, survival has lost its importance to me.

 Daoud Siawash, the bereaved father made promise to his martyred son, soaked in blood, that he will take every action to identify the killer.

  I swear that:

 If I do not ask about your blood

My son, O my soul

 May death be upon me, and my soul be laden with curses

 Death be on me and on my shameful future

 10. The deadline for answering the questions is one month as of the date of its submission. The government must identify the killer during this period, otherwise the government itself is the killer.

 This complaint submission has been sent via email to the following addresses:

 1- The President

 2- The Head of Afghanistan Bank

3- The Speaker of the House of Representatives or (Wolesi Jirga).

 4- The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

 5- Independent Human Rights Commission

 6- The International Court of Justice in The Hague

 7- Ministry of Interior

8- Department of National Security

 9- Attorney General

 Mohammad Dawood Siawash, the father of martyred Yama Siawash

 Background Information and Conclusion.

 Four years ago, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Mohamad Masoom Stanekzai and Hamid Karzai were implementing the Taliban and ISIS project. Since then, they have used government resources to strengthen the Taliban. They talked words about terrorism but not taken any action. All their rhetoric was nonsense. They were manipulating to hide their actual inclination with the Taliban mercenaries and to distract the public attention in relation to the behind-the-scenes goals of the Taliban and ISIL project.

 The foreign occupiers prior to relocating their spies to the key positions in backward countries, such as Afghanistan, intelligence networks conduct widespread personality-building propaganda through the mass media to encourage the public to accept their puppets. The term world thinker about Ashraf Ghani is a vivid example, first published by a local newspaper in the UK. Some people are quick-witted, illiterate, and unaware of the depth and breadth of knowledge, especially in the 21st century. We are all witness of significant progress in various fields of science every day, thanks to the progress rapid progress of science and technology. Some naive and illiterate people are called "thinkers"! They thought it was true and maybe they accepted it. The word "think tank "! It was not at all clear about Ashraf Ghani. In what field of science, he was a think tank. It has not been revealed yet.

 He is still embedded in his primitive tribal thoughts and prejudice, nailed in his tribal structure. He lived in the United States for forty years but did not lose his linguistic, ethnic, local, tribal, and racial prejudices. According to Sahdi the famous Persian poet:  

 If Jesus’s donkey goes to mecca, it would return the same donkey. 

 The 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York caused heavy casualties and huge financial losses. The United States has identified and blamed al-Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden operatives for the attack. During the rule of the Taliban, Bin Laden was living in Afghanistan and had good relations and cooperation with the Taliban. Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, also related to Osama bin Laden through marriage and family friendship.

  At its peak, formal diplomatic recognition of the Taliban's government was acknowledged by only three nations: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The Taliban government was not recognized by any country. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde in London in 2001, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto said that the Taliban came into being by the British, US, Saudi and Pakistani intelligence services. Each of these countries played a key role in planning, funding, training, equipping, and assigning the group, respectively.

 Game and collusion in which both Zalmai Khalilzad, Washington ‘s so – called peace envoy for Afghanistan and Ashraf Ghani are involved in killing of our people in the name of “Peace”. Khalilzad has been apparently pressing for an agreement on a reduction in violence or a cease-fire, which the Taliban have refused. Since the so-called peace talk in Doha war and violence has been intensified because of which hundred and hundred of our people are being killed. The two Beirut University students, Zalmai Khalilzad and Ashraf Ghani, are responsible for all killings in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are aware of that. It needs to be stopped.

 The people of Afghanistan need to unite and place aside their differences. This is essential to save the country from corrupt puppet regimes whose only motivation is to continue to cling onto power and to suppress all voices of dissent and opposition. The country is in dire need of educated, open minded, intelligent individuals, such as Yama Siawash, to stand up and speak against authority whenever they see wrongdoing taking place. These voices should have a platform in our country without risking their lives. The people of Afghanistan should demand this for the sake of the country and future generations to come.





 Date: 22/11/2020