By Fateh Sami

 Date: 12/02/2021


Taliban wants an interim Government, but the Kabul regime is trying to keep the hold.

 And the Afghan people want neither the regime of Ashraf Ghani nor the Taliban.

 Alternative required.

 US New Administration after all should listen to the people of Afghanistan and not to Mr Zalmai Khalilzad who along with Hamed Karzai and Ashraf Ghani is liable for the current chaotic situation, re-emergence of terror groups, a corrupt failed regime in Afghanistan which is a by-product of two decades US and its Allies presence in that country under the slogan of so-called democracy, supporting the most corrupt regimes in the world.

 The new phase of the same game is shaping the political horizon in Afghanistan. People are confused and worried about their fate due to the talk and terms of the Provisional and Transitional Governments, Electoral and Democracy, the Islamic Republic, and the Islamic Emirate.

 The majority of the country's citizens do not even know the difference and consequences of the establishment of these governments, which will have an impact on determining their future destiny. They have not experienced any positive impact on the improvement of their lives in the last four decades, but on the contrary, they have lived in more difficult conditions full of oppression and tyranny, poverty, starvation, fear, threats, and insecurity. The same situation continues to grow worse than before. Deliberate crises occur one after another. Undoubtedly, visible, and invisible hands have been playing special role in organizing this unbearable and harsh situation.

 The main reason for the deterioration of the political and economic security of the living conditions of our people is not only related to the nature and fabric of the political system. Rather, the current situation is more dependent on foreign intelligence interventions, continued occupation to achieve long-term strategic economic, political, and military goals and interests of Western countries and, most importantly, mismanagement and self-seeking leaders, interventions by neighbouring countries, especially Pakistan and to some extent Iran in collusion and cooperation of domestic mercenary groups. Foreign intelligence agencies and their contract players have been positioned to carry out their insidious plans.

 Sufficient field evidence indicates that the situation is being shaped behind the scenes by foreign intelligence. Whistle-blowers linked to various agencies are talking about the interim government, however, the US and its allies have not officially announced such a program yet. But prior to any probable changes in the government such news are common to pave the ground and the people’s mindset for such a transformation. Undoubtedly, the corrupt and imported rulers of Afghanistan, Karzai- Ghani regimes played a significant role in strengthening Taliban’s domination in Afghanistan. The corrupt installed regimes of Karzai- Ghani played both ends against the middle in relation to the issue of Taliban, enabling them to re-emerge as a major potential opponent of government to grab power. Politics and the system in Afghanistan are intricately linked to the interests, funding and degree of interference and influence of external intelligence.

 Upholding leadership, changing leadership, transferring power, establishing an interim government, ousting, and installing the head of state are not related to the will of the bewildered, disintegrated national and Jihadi leaders and traders, but are related to a circle of corrupt and incompetent group being placed at the top of the hierarchy.

 Presidential propaganda, before the change of the current regime, was not formed without the participation of a wide range of influential people within the Afghan government, without the internal signals, gestures, and consent of the occupiers, including the United States, Britain, and Pakistan. Also, the opponents of foreign troops presence in Afghanistan such as Iran, China, India, and Russia are surreptitiously playing for their own interest and border security.

 The Taliban explicitly call the establishment of an interim government a precondition for peace negotiations. The real decision maker for such a view is Pakistan, the Godfather of Taliban.  Taliban are just pawns being played by in this game same as Mr. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and others were used before.  He was once acclaimed   as a Pakistani more than an Afghan by a Pakistani leader.  Pakistan's plan is to overthrow the corrupt regime of Ashraf Ghani in Kabul and replaced it by its own agents. As notable Afghan political observers, academics and politicians have pointed out times and again.

 What is important is the political readiness and willingness to fill in the power vacuum and prevent the collapse of the regime under Taliban rule so that the scenario that prevailed at the time of Dr. Najibullah may not be repeated. Pakistan is eager for the recurrence of that situation to disperse the defence forces of Afghanistan, once again as it happened in the past. That is exactly what Pakistan is after. Ashraf Ghani must go away. Afghanistan is a failed state under him. People do not like him at all. But the people are squeezed between two stones not to be handed over to the Taliban and not the continuation of the corrupt and authoritarian regime of Mr Ghani, who propped himself up the power rungs by fraud, rigging, allurement and bribery. He could be ousted if the United States and its partners decide as Ashraf Ghani has proved himself to be the most incompetent, schismatic, factional, and unfit person both physically and mentally.

 To save the country from the Taliban needs a national unity and cooperation of neighbouring nations in particular Russia, India China. The need to be actively involved under the auspices of the United Nations and the world community.  To save Afghanistan from the Taliban, the agents of Pakistan and its allies. People need to be helped in forming a national unity government in the fashion of India at the time of Mahatma Gandhi. The people of Afghanistan need to set aside their personal, linguistic, religious affiliation and with the participation of all patriotic forces along with National Army assume the power and talk with Taliban for peace. Mr. Ghani wants to continue for another 5 years no matter how much bloodshed may happen every day. He just attributes it to Almighty’s test. The test in which he has no belief at all. By presenting various possibilities conjectures and suspicions, it is not possible to paint a clear picture of what may happen in the coming months in Afghanistan under the Biden administration. A gloomy future is looming over Afghanistan according to well informed Afghan political observers and academics. But the development of the current situation is not promising as the people of Afghanistan are engaged one way or another in trivial matters without coming forward together as one to save their country. Without a national unity the future of the country looks more like a rudderless boat wandering in dark oceans.